clearly, we have a problem

even more plants crop

We bought more plants today. I only wanted to go back for white peonies and a few irises, but somehow we ended up bringing all this home: one pink lily (Joe’s pick—I am beginning to wonder about his affinity for pink), viburnum, irises, peonies, and a white hydrangea. Not only did we spend a fortune, we’re completely off color scheme.

And we’re not done yet. I’m campaigning for some kind of evergreen (aside from the viburnum; the variety we picked will keep its leaves), just to keep things interesting in the winter. I like this dwarf cypress a lot, but it’s pricey: boulevard cypress

Then there’s the issue of getting them in the ground. We spent the afternoon and only got this far:

front bed in progress

And we still have two trees in pots out back. After investing so much time and money, I just hope we’re not making a huge mistake, or several. Though at this point, if we change our minds, we could practically open our own nursery. And we will be trying to salvage those azaleas, which are beautiful, but too close to the house. Any takers?



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