glass act

original carafe

I am by no means an impulse shopper. I make fun of Joe for being so picky, but in truth, I am just as bad. How bad? Well, since signing the closing papers, I’ve been filling fat binders full of torn-out magazine pages and website print-outs of things I eventually want to buy.

After I exhaustively research the options and narrow them down to the single, perfect one I want, I add that item to a running shopping list I keep. When it goes on sale or threatens to disappear forever, I buy it.

I’ve been coveting the carafe in the above photo ever since I saw it published in the now-defunct Blueprint. Could not find one anywhere. Until.

Yesterday, this arrived, courtesy of Mighty Leaf Tea:

my carafeIt’s not the exact one I wanted, but I think I like it even better. And not only is it a steal at $20, but they also make some damn fine tea and the prettiest accessories ever. Go get yourself some.



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