Joe has been collecting the wood to build my closet system one piece at a time. Not on purpose, but the boards he decided to use have been discontinued, so it’s become a treasure hunt of every Lowe’s in the area trying to find enough of them in good condition.

This has been going on for months. Last night I had a minor fit about how it’s practically Memorial Day and nothing’s getting done, and soon it will be too damn hot to work on the house and we still won’t have closets. I’m never sure when my rants will be taken to heart, but this one was.

Since Joe has already hit every Lowe’s in southeastern PA, he mapped out four in New Jersey and we went on a spree. I was convinced it would be in vain, but we found two boards at the first store in Fairfield. The next two were a total bust, and we got lost in Deptford and almost gave up. Good thing we didn’t, because that store had the rest of the boards we needed.

I was elated all the way home—until I realized that I now have to sand and stain a dozen boards. Rats.



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