putting it to bed

front bed after1

We finished the front flower bed!

That uprooted azalea bush is not part of it, we just didn’t have the energy to move it after pickaxing three of them out of the ground, transplanting the largest (without a wheelbarrow), and planting 12 new trees, shrubs, and flowers. To say nothing of the mental energy involved.

When we went to buy my Boulevard Cypress, we sadly discovered it probably wouldn’t do well in our front yard, which only gets weak morning light. I didn’t like (or couldn’t afford) any of the options that would, and a protracted debate about evergreens vs. deciduous trees ensued.

We compromised by planting little juniper bushes around the Japanese cherry:

front bed after tree

I’m still concerned that it’s going to look bare in the winter, but we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we’ve got lots more work to do.



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