catching up

I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve been doing the following: working, boring yard work, fighting with Joe, and discovering Craigslist.

Oh, I knew what CL was, and I’ve been on it before, but I only just discovered how useful it can be for getting rid of household crap. It started with Belle’s old toy chest. It was the one thing Joe actually wanted to throw out (more on that later) but I figured I could sell it for $5. Within an hour of posting I had four interested buyers. The thing was gone in less than 24 hours. And I was hooked.

This weekend I got rid of my buckets o’rocks. We’ve been clearing them out from around the big sweet gum tree in our front yard so we can mulch, and is it a project. We gave the biggest stones to Joe’s folks for their shore house, but discovered small rocks underneath.

Joe actually built a screen sieve so we can sift for them, gold miner style, and dump them in buckets. This amused me for about half a bucket, and then it became real work. And once we had the rocks, the dilemma was what to do with them. I somehow doubted rocks, even free ones, would go fast, but CL to the rescue again. I actually had to turn some people down.

But don’t worry, CLers. There is plenty more crap where that came from.



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