Right about now I’m wishing I took my sister’s advice for dealing with our shed infestation problem: “Eewww, just burn it down!”

Turns out, we didn’t get all the ants. Not even close. If you’ve ever seen any of the Alien movies, you know that the enemy is never vanquished until you’ve destroyed the queen and her nest (and sometimes not even then). We didn’t realize this until Sunday.

In the meantime, we went through two cans of Raid, and another spray that burns when it comes in contact with human flesh (I can vouch for this). It killed three more mice we didn’t know were there, but not the damn ants. Those suckers even survived a bug bomb (fun extermination fact: they call they foggers now).

We finally discovered the nest between the boards in the top right corner. An ant nest is mostly ant saliva and dirt, so it’s easy to miss, and as charming as it sounds. We sprayed the hell out of it, scraped the sludge out as best we could with a ruler, and set up a second fogger right underneath it.

If this one doesn’t work, I am taking my sister’s advice.



2 responses to “them!

  1. You do know that excluding me and probably your immediate family, nobody else got the “Them!” ant reference? You are your father’s daughter.

  2. But it’s a classic!

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