What with the rain, the ants, and the $800 repair bill for Joe’s truck, the feeling that nothing has been getting done is starting to suffocate me. So here’s my attempt to chip away at it: A list of crap I have been trying to accomplish but just can’t seem to. I turn it over to you folks. Muchos gracias!banded towels1. When Joe insisted he’d only buy bath towels that didn’t have that annoying band, I thought he was just being difficult. But now I’m anti-band too (it shrinks in the wash and makes folding a huge pain). The only towels without some sort of band are bath towels. Bonus points if you can find them in light gray or silver.

ceiling fixture flushmount2

2. I need a ceiling fixture for my office. It’s a tiny room, so nothing dangly will work, but I am having the hardest time finding anything reasonably cool or attractive in a flushmount. I like these two above–what do you think?

label3. My repositionable labels were an epic fail. They keep falling off. So I still need a good, re-usable option for labeling my attic storage tubs. I’m considering this–anybody ever use them? Or have any cuter options?


4. I cannot find a single toothbrush holder or soap dish that I like. I want freestanding, not wall mount, and the soap dish has to be one that looks okay in the kitchen, since Joe insists on washing his face there.



5 responses to “Q&A

  1. Lorraine Storms

    Okay, this is what I can come up with towel-wise. Joe is weird about the band. So are you. But, who am I to judge. Here are some options.



  2. I thought LNT was out of business?!
    But I like option 2 at BB&B. Thanks!

  3. Hm, not a fan of ceiling lights to begin with. Much prefer table lighting, especially if you can get a wall switch to connect to an outlet.

    That preference aside, what do you want the feel of your office to be? Not that you have to coordinate with your ceiling light fixture, but do you want glossy shiny (chrome) or muted and subtle (brushed)?

    As for the soap dish, post if you find one. I share your preferences!

  4. Good questions, gerzz. It’s hard for me to nail down my style because I like so many different things. But the few consistents have been brushed nickel, natural materials (wood, stone) and a cool palette (blue, gray, green). I know I like things pretty minimal and clean.
    And yes, I know it’s a cardinal design sin to have overhead lights and no one likes them, but I kind of do. And in this house, it’s almost a necessity because we don’t have floor space for a floor lamp or furniture for a table lamp.

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