a call to action

Every weekend, I beg Joe to do something in the way of progress on finishing phase I of this renovation. I even posted a to-do list on the refrigerator (of which we’ve crossed off one item in a month). My mistake, it turns out, was not using the right stationery.

Sunday at dinner, after a weekend of making our shed more inhabitable than our actual house, I opened a letter from the township. It announced that, because of some problems with illegal drainage connections in the area, they will be sending inspectors around. Despite the fact that we don’t have a sump pump, or even a basement, they may come inside.

Joe panicked at this, concerned that we’ll be found in some code violation. Suddenly, finishing phase I became a priority. He called his dad and arranged to put up the remaining trim and baseboard tomorrow night.

I feel bad for the poor guy, but I am secretly pleased. And I am most definitely swiping that letter, coping it, and printing up some of my own township stationery. It could come in useful for finally getting some window treatments …



3 responses to “a call to action

  1. “The township finds your lack of curtains in violation of IBC and…”

    Somehow I don’t think he’ll fall for it 🙂

  2. Brilliant!

    Think there’s any chance the NYC Department of Buildings could find my fugly jadeite peephole in violation of anything?

  3. Hi Jill—love your site!!

    so, what did you do about the ants?

    I hear they hate mint–so someone suggested you plant it around your house. We have a ton of ants too and are trying earth-friendly ways to rid them. Check this out:

    good luck!!

    BTW—we gutted an old house in 2000 and are still working on it. Best advice I ever got: don’t think about how much you have yet to do—but how far you’ve come. And, my advice— take time off to have some fun–the house will still be there when you get back 🙂

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