chaos theory


This is the only thing that’s happened around the house in the past week, thanks to the month o’rain we’ve had. Our lilies bloomed.

The inside of the house is actually more of a mess than ever, since Joe and his dad moved all the crap I had piled in the closet to the living room while they install the baseboard. And then had to stop midway through because of the incessant downpour. So I’m forced to hopscotch over boxes of crap to get to the TV or dining room table. Fun.

Oh, and while they were installing the baseboard, Joe’s dad accidentally scratched up two of our floorboards horribly with the zipper on his pants. None of us realized they make Dockers with zippers like ginsu knives.

But as relieved as I was to give up my title as Hardwood Destroyer—this is waaay worse than the tiny dent I made by dropping a can of WD-40—I am not happy with the present state of chaos.

At least the lilies are looking good.



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