alienating the neighbors

sanding station2

The nice thing about finally having decent weather is that we get to work outside. Our neighbors may take the opposite view.

Regardless, for the next few weeks, sanding and staining wood will be my life. Joe finalized the design for my closet system, and I am desperate to have a place, any place, to hang my clothes. Four and a half closet-less months is my limit.

So far, I got two boards done. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s because there are four passes for every board: medium-grit first, then fine, on both sides. Plus, there were these maddening sprinkles of rain that interrupted, forcing me to throw plastic over everything in a panic. God toying with me again.

The big problem is where to put all that wood. It has to be able to dry safely, without getting dinged up, and our garage is at max capacity. Thanks to our ant problem, though, the shed is still pretty empty. So Joe and his dad devised an ingenius system of hanging the finished boards from the shed rafters via hooks screwed into the sides. It looks to me like a wood slaughterhouse.

shed meat locker

Two down, 11 to go.

remaining wood crop




2 responses to “alienating the neighbors

  1. I want to see pictures of the boards hanging! please.

  2. Anything for my adoring public …

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