Joe doesn’t like my first choice for a ceiling light in the office:


He actually preferred my second option, which I think is more modern. Maybe my taste is finally rubbing off on him?


Now, usually, when he vetos something, I get upset, especially if it’s for my office, the room where I supposedly have free reign with the decor. But knowing I could overrule him made me more willing to see what else is out there. And that can be a good thing. Here’s what I found–vote for your favorite.

The frontrunner:

flushmount 3A cool industrial look:

flushmount4A wildly expensive but cool modern take on a topographic map:


I like how this one has a little bit of a feminine edge:




5 responses to “up

  1. I vote for the first one, the front runner! It feels so mid-century modern. Love it.

  2. Hey Jill! I personally agree w/ Joe on the first one – I like it – but I think you found better ones. The second choice is okay – but again I think some of the others ones you found are even better. My personal favorites are #1 the front runner #2 the industrial look.
    You really are working hard! I can’t wait to see it all!

  3. Of the extras you added in, I’m going to have to say I like the “feminine” choice at the bottom. Personally, though, my favorite is the one that Joe likes, too.

  4. My favorite of all of them is the “front-runner.” It would actually look great in my house too! Can you provide a link to where I might find one?

  5. Sure–the manufacturer is Forecast Lighting (http://www.forecastltg.com), and the fixture is the Embarcadero. They have several sizes and it comes in incandescent, although I’m leaning toward the compact fluorescent. The Cassandra is similar, but with a white textured shade.
    I actually went to see this one at a lighting showroom and I’m pretty convinced it’s the winner. Now I just need to convince my husband.

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