mulch ado, part 2

The weather held out, so we decided to tackle the back yard. We ordered too much mulch, and Joe was set on using it to cover the bed of ivy we spent most of this spring ripping out. Thanks to the rain, it all grew back—and then some. Luckily, common sense prevailed and Joe rented a rototiller. I have only two words for this machine: Worth it. Joe also had two words: Whoo hoo.

Joe rototills

But for all its virtues, the rototiller didn’t pick up the weeds and roots—Joe says there is a model that does, but it wouldn’t fit in his truck—so I did the unthinkable. I ordered Izabelle to help us. By this point, my back was killing me, and I figured her 10-year-old spine could handle some stooping and scooping.

In retrospect, I’m not sure it was worth the complaining–she told me she was “calling in sick” about every 5 minutes. But after a full day of work, our backyard looks significantly better:

rear bed mulched1

Maybe now our lavender bushes will catch up to the mammoth azaela.

back side mulched1

The former ivy and weed breeding ground. Oh, and we finally planted our magnolia there at the end. Not that we have a shortage of trees or anything.

side path between mulch beds

We used most of the topsoil to even out the grade of this side of the house. Now we need to plant grass seed and we’ll have a nice path to the front between the two mulch beds.A very sweaty job, but so satisfying to see results.



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