it’s a jungle out here

No fun pictures or stories this weekend. All I can say is I can’t freakin’ believe how much yard work it’s possible to have. Seriously, we only have three-quarters of an acre and I fill four34-gallon trash cans with yard waste every single week. Our garbage men have got to think we import the stuff.

And unlike the mulch, what we accomplished is barely visible to the naked eye. We planted grass seed. (Joe and I have a $100 bet on whether it will grow, and I have a side bet that he welches like grape juice and doesn’t pay up when I win). And we trimmed trees. Mostly, it looks the same.

Spending the entirety of a gorgeous weekend that way makes me think more seriously of my brother’s plan when we were growing up and he, the oldest, was charged with mowing the grass. He wanted to pave the entire yard.

But I guess we’ll hold off on that this year.



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