trash talk


Proof that I was not exaggerating about our yard waste: We actually got a citation from our trash collectors. I didn’t know that was even possible.

Now, I can understand about the branches. We had already filled all five cans so Joe just laid them on top, not cut up. We’ve done that before with no problem, but this time he put out the equivalent of an entire yew. So fine, Mr. Trashman.

What I can’t believe is the assertion that one of our trash cans weighs 200 pounds. I highly doubt it weighs that much, and if they picked it up to get it on a scale, why not just go the distance and empty it into the truck? For that matter, it couldn’t be much harder to lift the pile of branches into the truck than it was to pick them up and lay them back on our grass. And then write this citation.

But I guess if they didn’t, we’d never learn our lesson and go right on wantonly flaunting the rules of curbside collection.



2 responses to “trash talk

  1. You’re not alone. We got one of those way back when, too. It was the first year we were in the house and doing major yard work. They weren’t happy with the weight of the trash cans at all…..

  2. I can’t believe garbage men are such wusses.

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