I love my freaking neighbors

I was pulling the recycling can in this morning when my neighbor, Helen, called me over. My first thought was, Oh, no, here it comes.

She has been a wonderful sport so far about all the sanding, hammering, and paint fumes, but since we planted grass seed, we’ve had the sprinkler going nonstop on the side of the house adjacent to hers,and I figured she was sick of us soaking her fence.

So I was totally unprepared when she handed me this:

welcome cake

It’s a homemade (!) ice-cream cake. A welcome-to-the-neighborhood cake. She said that she’s been meaning to give it to us for a while now, but of course we didn’t move in for over a year after we officially became neighbors.

I love it. This is totally something my own grandmother would have done, right down to the card with angels all over it. And old ladies can bake–the cake, which is vanilla and almond and some kind of orangey marmalade, is amazing.

Helen, your lawn will never need mowing and your driveway will never need shoveling. Not as long as we’re next door. Thanks, neighbor!



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