TP, or not TP

Transcript of a phone conversation between Joe and I:

Him: “How’s it going?”
Me: “Okay. Oh, you know what I had this morning?”
Him: “What?”
Me: “Not toilet paper!”
Him: [hysterical laughing]

If I were a slightly more evil person, I would have taken every scrap of paper product out of the house with me this morning. I certainly considered it.

But I’m reasonable. Instead, I informed him, once his hysteria died down, that I am finally ordering a toilet paper roll holder.

My turn to laugh.



2 responses to “TP, or not TP

  1. in my bachelor days, there were times i ran out of tp and just stuck a roll of paper towels in the bathroom. they are huge, amazingly absorbant and never tear. the downside is they are huge, amazingly absorbant and never tear. toilets hate them.

  2. Wow, overshare much? Poor Natalie.
    But yeah, our pipes could never handle that. We’ve washed the cat in an Igloo cooler outside already so we wouldn’t have to worry about calling the RotoRooter guy to remove hairballs.
    Interestingly, he told us that the two worst things to flush are feminine products and baby wipes. I then had to have Joe ask his father if had flushed the latter, as they are his preference.
    Talk about oversharing.

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