Pandora’s boxes

It is just one design dilemma after another around here. The current one: Now that we have shelves in the front hall closet, I need some kind of system to stash all the crap that goes on them. This is especially important as we probably won’t have closet doors for some time.

Joe is partial to baskets and I don’t mind them, but I’m worried that too many will make it look like someone threw up a Pottery Barn catalog. So I’m obsessing over my options. Ideally, I’d like to mix and match a few different styles.



Clockwise from top left: an open-weave seagrass (matches my hamper); water hyacinth, a funky rattan and steel combo (though it’s darker than I’d like), and banana leaf … ooh, exotic. Of course, any of these options means I have to make my own cloth liner, but I already found a pattern. Alternately, there’s …

Cloth:clothClockwise from top left: Whitney canvas bin with contrasting trim; the Reisenthel HomeBox, made by a German company is pricey but I may have to splurge; eyelet totes; and the BagSmith canvas cube appeals to my nerdy, label-loving side—but no handles.

I also kind of like these metal bins, but Joe would never let me get them:

metal bins

So, what do you think (besides “she’s crazy!”)? Any other suggestions? How do you organize your crap?



2 responses to “Pandora’s boxes

  1. I have a cardboard box on the closet shelf with hats & scarves & gloves – easy to label (Sharpie on the box itself) and we don’t have so much of that stuff in Florida so the one box is enough.

    But I have closet door so ugly doesn’t really matter!

    All of your choices look lovely but you may want to stick with ones with straight sides – the ones that are wider at top will leave a space on the shelf between baskets just begging for something to be stuck there “for just a minute” and next thing you know you’ve lost whatever.


  2. Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t organize my stuff.

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