vacation, schmacation

I’m sure I am the only person in the universe who has actually been psyched about sanding wood in 90+ degree heat, but that was the good part of my vacation. I took Monday and Tuesday off so Joe’s dad and I could finish the boards for my closet system.

But things went awry Sunday when we discovered that Izabelle had a raging case of head lice. I had this myself as a kid (don’t all kids?), and I don’t remember it being so completely awful. But then, I wasn’t doing the laundry.

Still, even with all the house cleaning, laundry sanitizing (that’s actually what the two-hour-long washing machine setting is called), and literal nit-picking I had to do, we still managed to get all eight boards sanded and stained, and even slapped on the first coat of polyurethane.

It wasn’t much of a vacation, but the house is clean and I am one step closer to corralling the chaos that I’ve been living in.



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