waste not

This is my husband. Also a vortex for TP. We’ve run out twice since I bought the damned tissue  holder, which, surprise, still hasn’t been installed. It’s sitting in a box next to the toilet, for my total convenience.

And when I say we ran out, I don’t mean just the roll. I mean, there was not a scrap of tissue in the entire house. We buy paper products in bulk but still have the “what happened to the  paper towels I just bought” conversation on what feels like a daily basis.

This bugs me on more than one level. I was pro-conservation even before it was fashionable, and more than ever since becoming a homeowner. Seeing the amount of waste we make every week (more bags of trash than there are people in the household) gives my conscience a guilty twinge.

I’m no fanatic. I recycle everything I can and I compost, but I still buy double-ply, guilt be damned. Joe, however, is an anti-conservationist. He runs the dishwasher or does a load of laundry for three items. He uses paper towels when rags would suffice. And lately he’s been throwing recyclables in the trash, which to me, is a household sin.

I just don’t get it. To me, it’s such a small amount of effort for such a great payoff. But then, this is the same guy who cannot even put a new roll of TP on the back of the tank when he’s used the last of it.



2 responses to “waste not

  1. “And lately he’s been throwing recyclables in the trash, which to me, is a household sin.”

    ACK!!!!! Say it’s not so! This is a cardinal sin. Nate and I were on vacation last week and we took the recyclables home with us because they had no recycling there. To my surprise, it was Nate’s idea. I’ve finally made a dent in his conscience with my recyclable fanatacism!!!

  2. Oh, I fish them out again but it makes me so mad! I almost think he does it on purpose to bug me … he always puts the trash out but conveniently forgets about the recycling bin. Every week.
    I guess he has made progress though. On our first date he threw an entire Supersized soda out the car window. It was almost over right there.

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