Daily Archives: September 9, 2009

what is wrong with this picture?

good peony

If anyone has a clue, please tell me. This is my last peony and it’s going the way the other one went, which is to say to that great compost heap in the sky.

Is it a fungus? A plant disease? Or do they all just get like this in the fall (please, please, please). Peonies are my favorite flower, and Joe already destroyed the one beautiful, thriving bush we had when he dug up the ivy in the back bed.

Is there a plant doctor in the house?

PS, the lavender bushes aren’t doing so well either–what gives?



a clean car-hole

clean garage

So this is the cleanest our garage has ever been. Joe was seized by a fit of inspiration this weekend, in the form of his dad threatening to stop coming over until he could walk in there.

I’ll leap at any chance I get to throw crap away, but it didn’t make me as happy as it usually does. Mostly because it just cleared the way for me to see the real mess. The walls are covered in space age foil insulation, not drywall, the ceiling is crooked, and the electric door is on its last leg.

When we came to see the house before settlement, we actually got stuck inside the garage with our realtor because of that lousy door. We all stood in the dark panicking until Joe found an emergency button in the back and freed us.

I guess it’s lasted this long, but I know it’s just a matter of time.


entropy always wins

Things have not been going well.

My toilet paper holder is still in the box.

I haven’t been able to find any storage bins or baskets I like and can afford.

I finished all the closet wood, but this is what it currently looks like:

closet in progress

Our new grass seed inexplicably withered and died.

It’s September.