hope floats

Because we are certifiably insane, we went to the Atlantic City In-Water Boat show this weekend. I mean, our house is only half in shambles, and only a fraction paid off, so why not consider another major purchase?

But Joe wants a boat the way I want a dog, and now that his parents and grandmother both have shore houses on the water, there’s going to be no stopping him.

So we spent around four hours climbing in and out of vessels ranging from those the coast of a luxury car to multimillion dollar yachts with roughly the same square footage as our house, and probably more storage space.

We didn’t end up buying anything, which is just as well. The most affordable fishing boats cost what I assume our kitchen remodel will. And one, though its bathroom nook was little more than a port-a-pot and a radio, did have a toilet paper holder.

I made sure to point that out to Joe.



2 responses to “hope floats

  1. I love the way you refrained from saying that a visit with a certain person pushed Joe’s desire for a boat over the edge….

    As for a purchase – go with a used boat! It’s the only way it’s affordable for normal folks! Even a boat a year or two old is MUCH cheaper than brand new and most of the time, it’s only been used a dozen times at most.

  2. Yeah, I have you to thank! And Joe won’t go for used anything–the man loves warrantees too much.
    But here is a cute story–on the ride up, we started brainstorming names for the boat–I was assuming someone would suggest Izabelle and she’d get excited. But Belle started coming up with names—mostly typical ones. Then, out of nowhere she says, “I’ve got it! How about Afternoon Delight?”
    No idea where she got that from but we all cracked up.

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