it’s the little things


I tried an experiment yesterday. I bought this toothbrush holder.

I’ve been looking for one for probably a year now (yes, I am that obsessed), but the way these things always happen is you stumble over them when you’re not looking at all. This one caught my eye because it had exactly three toothbrush slots, not four, and it reminds me of a bottle of Burberry perfume:

burberryCome to think of it, if I ever get to a flea market, an old perfume bottle would probably make a cool toothbrush holder.

Now I knew that this is something Joe will never go for. So I bought the matching soap dispenser, too. When I got home, I snuck both into the bathroom and waited for him to discover them.

By the time he did, I had forgotten about them, and couldn’t understand why he was shouting “Oh, hell no” from the john. Then I remembered, started laughing, and told him, “I knew you wouldn’t like them. I’ll return them.”

And just like that, he said they could stay. Oh, he pretends to still be on the fence, but without me arguing, what’s the point? You gotta love reverse psychology.



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