closet drama

closet finished

This was a banner weekend, and an exhausting one. The living room is still a mess, but my closet is finally ready to be filled!

Here are the details: The back wall is cedar-lined. The shelves are solid pine that I hand-sanded and finished myself. There are seven, count them, seven shelves for shoes (at five pair per shelf), and the closet rods are oval ones I custom ordered (and which arrived damaged, so we’re getting them at a discount).

Now, as gorgeous as it is, I do have some regrets. The biggest is Joe’s fault. I requested that the double rod section, where shirts and skirts go, be on the right, since I’m right handed. But since he only hears about 10 percent of the things I say that don’t mention his name, he forgot and did it backward. I didn’t discover it until it was too late.

The second thing is my fault. Despite endless discussions, I didn’t realize that the top rod of the double bars is too high for me. I can reach it from my tip-toes, but it’s a pain, and those extra inches between rods looks a little strange. It’s fixable, but Joe will be (understandably) mad if I ask him to move it.

But all in all, if it functions as good as it looks, I am happy. Still, I will take any reassuring compliments gratefully …



4 responses to “closet drama

  1. Did you think about submitting this entry to the DIY Drama contest on Not meaning to spam you but since you used ‘drama’ right in the title I had to ask. šŸ™‚

  2. Sure–do you know anyone there? I tried to get our bathroom on Save My Bath, and am going to be prepping for a Kitchen Possible try soon. But I worry that we’ll be disqualified because of the size of our house (it might not be big enough for a film crew.)

  3. Well, I run so I can personally say your qualified to enter. šŸ™‚

    You just need to follow the instructions at this link (basically just add the disclaimer to your post and then go in to and tag the entry to ensure it’s in the entry listings).

    Email me if you have issues – aaron at houseblogs dot net

  4. Very nice – very very nice. I’m hoping for cedar lining in closets if we ever retire & move – don’t have the room here for it – stupid closets barely fit a hanger without them being a bit on angle.

    You will probably get used to which side the double decker is on – but not the height of the top bar – that extra reach will get very old very quickly. Bite the bullet & ask nicely for the bar to be lowered – maybe with favorite dinner or dessert as a bribe (food always works – doesn’t it?).

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