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nice save

Since the holidays (and buying a boat), I have been in severe home shopping withdrawal. Thank god for discount stores.

After a forever search, I finally found baskets for the front hall closet at TJ Maxx. I’ll post a picture after I hack the tags, which currently say “Friends.” I find that a little creepy—why would you ever need a basket that says that? I mean, what would you put it in? But I guess that’s why they ended up at TJ Maxx.

Today a trip to HomeGoods yielded something even better: this pitcher for thirteen bucks. I’ve been wanting one since I first saw it at my sister-in-law’s Christmas brunch. I hunted it down and found out Luigi Bormioli makes one but it’s $50. Even the Crate & Barrel knockoff is $27. They also had the exact tequila glasses I want for $10 a pair, but I decided that might be overkill so I’m waiting.

While I feel awesome about the deal, I feel a tiny bit cheesy for copy-catting. Should I? Have you ever loved something a friend had so much you bought it for yourself? Or is that like buying the same clothes?



the dinner party

One of the main points of buying a house, to me anyway, was to finally be able to have guests over. We’ve been living here almost a year and it hasn’t happened yet. Granted, there are a few reasons for that.

1) We don’t have closet doors.

2) We don’t have much furniture, and the couch we do have looks like a giant cat scratching post.

3) The carpet has never been shampooed and I myself am fairly disgusted by it.

But given that it will only be in more of a shambles once we start phase II, I bit the bullet and issued invitations. Because I’m such an overachiever, one dinner party is not good enough for me so I’m having two. One for Joe’s parents, because they’ve been asking, and one for his brother and my sister-in-law, because they had us over years ago and have never seen our house.

His parents will be less nerve-wracking, because they’ve seen the place already. The toughest part will be figuring out a menu. My observation when we lived together was that they don’t like seafood or anything I cook.

But my brother- and sister-in-law are closer to our age and have a really cute house. So I need to pull out a few more stops. Better rent a steam cleaner.

Let the planning begin!


over our heads

Sure, I had to buy him a boat to get it, but Joe let me order the office light fixture I wanted. In retrospect, I should have gone for a couch instead.

First I discovered missing and damaged parts, and had to wait a week while the replacement parts were mailed. Then we had to figure out the wiring. Once we actually began, it took us four hours to install it. Four hours of struggling against a recessed electrical box over my head (arms are still killing me), by candlelight.

And there’s still one problem. I’ve been going with CFL-compatible fixtures as we renovate. But unlike the others I’ve bought, this one has a significant delay, like three seconds, between when you flip the switch and when the light goes on. It’s driving me nuts. They make the same light in an incandescent version, and it’s cheaper, but thinking about un-installing it makes me want to cry.

So, what do you think?


what I want for V-day

I tasted my first aged tequila last week, and I am hooked. It was like drinking liquid smoke. So good.

My husband could easily get away with a bottle of this for Valentine’s Day, although his taste usually runs to chocolate and red roses. It’s his traditional ideals; I’m much happier with daisies. And now, tequila.

Of course, this means I’m also obsessively searching for the perfect glasses. Tequila drinkers have a lot of options. Shot glasses are traditional in Mexico. Then there’s your snifter (though I find these uncomfortable) or rocks glass (I do enjoy a good lowball). Riedel even came out with special tequila glasses that resemble champagne flutes and are supposed to be very good.

But to me, part of the fun is having specialty stemware, so I favor a grappa glass:

Viva la tequila.


now where was I?

Wow, it’s been three months since an update. You haven’t missed much. Progress, shall we say, has been slow.

We had our first snow:

And our first holiday season.

Halloween was rainy and a tad disappointing. (Read: people in my neighborhood believe it is acceptable to give out granola bars and cans of soda to trick-or-treaters. Tsk, tsk.)

Thanksgiving was awesome, thanks to Joe’s menu of apricot-glazed ham and asparagus risotto, and my helpful contribution of champagne and apricot-nectar cocktails. I need to post the entire menu at some point.

Christmas was nice and low-key. We got a live tree, which we planted in the backyard. The unanticipated weight of a live tree (we neglected to consider the root ball) led to the First Annual Rolling of the Christmas Tree. Fun all around.

And I won the award for best wife ever when I got Joe a boat for Christmas. Yes, a boat. Even though we don’t have closet doors or window shades. I rock.

That’s about it. The real reason I didn’t update in so long is because I labor under the delusion that I will redesign this site, even though I have no design skills or time. But a big thanks to the faithful who were actually looking forward to an update. You rock.



I owe this blog a great many updates, but decided to start with this: I succumbed to peer pressure long after the trend has peaked, as has been the case with me and Mad Men, skinny jeans, bangs, etc., and started a Twitter account:

Now, not only will I have another thing to not update, I also have a virtual bulletin board for notes on the sitcom-like quality of my life outside this renovation. Check it out.