now where was I?

Wow, it’s been three months since an update. You haven’t missed much. Progress, shall we say, has been slow.

We had our first snow:

And our first holiday season.

Halloween was rainy and a tad disappointing. (Read: people in my neighborhood believe it is acceptable to give out granola bars and cans of soda to trick-or-treaters. Tsk, tsk.)

Thanksgiving was awesome, thanks to Joe’s menu of apricot-glazed ham and asparagus risotto, and my helpful contribution of champagne and apricot-nectar cocktails. I need to post the entire menu at some point.

Christmas was nice and low-key. We got a live tree, which we planted in the backyard. The unanticipated weight of a live tree (we neglected to consider the root ball) led to the First Annual Rolling of the Christmas Tree. Fun all around.

And I won the award for best wife ever when I got Joe a boat for Christmas. Yes, a boat. Even though we don’t have closet doors or window shades. I rock.

That’s about it. The real reason I didn’t update in so long is because I labor under the delusion that I will redesign this site, even though I have no design skills or time. But a big thanks to the faithful who were actually looking forward to an update. You rock.



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