what I want for V-day

I tasted my first aged tequila last week, and I am hooked. It was like drinking liquid smoke. So good.

My husband could easily get away with a bottle of this for Valentine’s Day, although his taste usually runs to chocolate and red roses. It’s his traditional ideals; I’m much happier with daisies. And now, tequila.

Of course, this means I’m also obsessively searching for the perfect glasses. Tequila drinkers have a lot of options. Shot glasses are traditional in Mexico. Then there’s your snifter (though I find these uncomfortable) or rocks glass (I do enjoy a good lowball). Riedel even came out with special tequila glasses that resemble champagne flutes and are supposed to be very good.

But to me, part of the fun is having specialty stemware, so I favor a grappa glass:

Viva la tequila.



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