nice save

Since the holidays (and buying a boat), I have been in severe home shopping withdrawal. Thank god for discount stores.

After a forever search, I finally found baskets for the front hall closet at TJ Maxx. I’ll post a picture after I hack the tags, which currently say “Friends.” I find that a little creepy—why would you ever need a basket that says that? I mean, what would you put it in? But I guess that’s why they ended up at TJ Maxx.

Today a trip to HomeGoods yielded something even better: this pitcher for thirteen bucks. I’ve been wanting one since I first saw it at my sister-in-law’s Christmas brunch. I hunted it down and found out Luigi Bormioli makes one but it’s $50. Even the Crate & Barrel knockoff is $27. They also had the exact tequila glasses I want for $10 a pair, but I decided that might be overkill so I’m waiting.

While I feel awesome about the deal, I feel a tiny bit cheesy for copy-catting. Should I? Have you ever loved something a friend had so much you bought it for yourself? Or is that like buying the same clothes?



One response to “nice save

  1. Update: if you want one, I just saw that Cost Plus World Market now has the same thing for $13. We all win.

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