eBay obsessed

I seriously doubted the day would ever come, but Joe finally sold some crap on eBay. It took him an entire weekend just to set up an account and post two items, but he did it. And now he’s officially obsessed.

He checks the account night and day. He frets about user reviews. I’m so, so glad to unload some of our unused junk, but he’s starting to drive me nuts with it. And knowing I could get rid of it all with one quick trip to the Salvation Army, well, my patience began to wear thin.

Then he showed me that the current bid for an old Sega Saturn video game he owns is over $300. Joe has every system ever made, and hundreds of games. A lot of them are still in their original packaging because he never got time to play them. I feel like we hit a geekier version of the Antiques Roadshow jackpot.

Not that he’s selling all of them. I wouldn’t dream of pushing him to. It’s just nice to know they’re there, in case I ever need a major operation. Or kitchen remodel.



2 responses to “eBay obsessed

  1. Wow! That’s pretty cool. I’ve threatened to try selling on eBay (instead of just buying) but never have.

  2. And he must have been talking to Nate around this time period because Nate is all about ebaying anything and everything extra he’s ever owned, or will own. Sometimes he’ll buy a bulk deal on eBay just to keep one item and resell the rest on eBay later….

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