of house guests and hoarding

We had our first official, non-related houseguests yesterday!

An old friend of mine from high school and her husband were in town, and they stopped by. They have a large, lovely home in Colorado, so I issued my standard warning about how our place isn’t exactly finished yet. My friend told me not to worry, because they were staying at her folk’s place, which she describes as a perfect candidate for A&E’s Hoarders.

I still spent the morning furiously cleaning—I even broke my strict no-toilets rule. The downside is, now that the house is clean, our lack of furniture is all too apparent. We’re anti-Hoarders. In 10 years, we’ve only purchased a few pieces outside of the bed, desk, and dining room table and chairs I demanded before signing a lease with Joe (I had to demand it; the man suggested we manufacture furnishings out of orange crates).

Our trip last weekend to the Golden Nugget, an unfortunately named flea market in New Jersey, was pretty disappointing. It’s not exactly flea season yet. No dice on Craigslist either. (Do people ever really find stuff there?)

The hardest part, given our dearth of worldly possessions, is going to be deciding what to buy first. I may have to collect opinions … more on that later.



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