since sliced bread

Two defunct flea market trips have left me in shopping withdrawal. This weekend, cleaning the kitchen did me in. I’m a sucker for kitchen gear to begin with, and things keep breaking—the colander, the creamer in my coffee set, multiple glasses. It had to be a sign.

So I went on a wild online shopping spree to find a few long-awaited items. First up: a breadbox. Okay, not that this comes close to being a necessity, but it does make the counter look neater and I found a few nice ones.

Nigella Lawson provided the inspiration, although hers isn’t sold in the U.S.:This one by Joseph Joseph is close—and made of melamine, so it won’t break:

And this enameled metal one by is Polder is just as indestructible, and cute:

So that just leaves the question–who actually uses a breadbox?



One response to “since sliced bread

  1. The answer to your question – no one I know…

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