nothing’s died yet

You might have noticed, it’s spring. And this year, I’m biting my nails over whether all the time and money we spent on the yard will pay off. So far, so good. I never did get around to planting bulbs, but luckily, we had some stragglers:

The forsythia hedge lit up, as usual:

But most exciting were our first-time bloomers. This little magnolia barely made it into the ground, but I’m glad it did. I’m already thinking that we’ll transplant it to the front someday when we cut down the sweet gum (a nice tree, but a squirrel magnet. And those seed balls are just crazy).

The cherry just started:

And the Japanese plum:

And our lovely Camelia, which isn’t supposed to bloom until summer (and never did last year), is bursting with these:

All in all, not too bad.


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