soiling myself

My lawn obsession begins anew. This year, I’m doing it right and getting my soil tested. I mailed the kit out today, but it took me longer than I thought. That’s because the process is actually quite scientific.

You have to dig up samples at evenly spaced intervals around the yard, mix them together and let them dry overnight. Then you dump one cup of dirt in a baggie, fill out a form and mail it off. Tougher than my census form, for sure.

I’m hoping the results will help me tame the green beast. Besides not knowing what kind of grass we have, we’ve got patchy spots, crab grass, onion grass, and encroaching zoysia. I know liming will get rid of the onion grass, and that nothing short of scorching the earth will get rid of the zoysia.

But as far as achieving this, I’m clueless. I truly believe lawn care requires an advanced degree.



One response to “soiling myself

  1. For all you know, that last picture might be artificial turf. It is becoming quite popular with the lazies. If it isn’t artificial, they must be rolling the grass with something heavy to get those stripes. I don’t mind a bit of striping, but that is a bit extreme 🙂

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