fed up

I hung this DSW bottle bird feeder on the tree in my front yard in hopes of attracting a goldfinch after I spotted my first one last summer. I never got bird watching before, but I loved the bright gold color and wanted to show Joe one.

Instead, I’ve attracted squirrels. I hate squirrels. The first feeder ended in disaster after the furry delinquents ate away the plastic soda bottle to get at the seed inside, and ultimately gnawed through the rope holding it up. I opened the front door one morning to find six of them clustered around it at the base of the tree, stuffing themselves silly.

I bided my time and my soda bottles, and once spring hit, I hung up two feeders, So far, the one out back has been doing great. A cardinal was frequenting it, and a bunch of little finches and sparrows.

Out front, it’s a different story. It took those deviants less than a week to chew into the bottle, and every day as I leave or enter the driveway, one of them is humping my feeder. I get out and throw rocks but they’re relentless.

Joe has suggested wrapping the branch in barbed wire. I thought that sounded inhumane, but then I remembered we’re talking about squirrels here.



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