the bug man cometh

Last Wednesday, I began spotting ants in my home office. I counted three by the time Joe got home, and then suddenly we were up to 9 in several minutes, including one scurrying across my laptop screen.

I am not really squeamish about bugs, but after the fiasco with our shed last season, I was taking no chances. Not to mention, these were carpenter ants, which nest in wood. And they were treating the Orkin ant control I’d sprayed around the foundation like eu de cologne. So we called our first exterminator.

The irony is, in prepping for the bug guy, our house has never been cleaner (even I was in the shower when he came, thanks to Joe not remembering what time he made the appointment). We went with a local guy, and he was super nice, quick, and reasonable. And his business cards have a huge black ant on them, which is fun (although I find the matching refrigerator magnet questionable).

So hopefully we’re ant-free, especially after tomorrow, when we re-caulk the windows, which is how they were getting in.



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