taking a stand

We bought this nightstand for five bucks. It’s our official starter project.

We’ve been going to flea markets since the end of February without any luck, and I was getting desperate. I convinced Joe to give the one at the fire station near us another try, earlier in the morning this time, and whamo, paydirt.

It’s solid wood, pine, we think, and not much else. I didn’t even have to haggle for the five-buck price. It’s probably more work than it’s worth, and Joe’s already bugged by the fact that it won’t be part of a matched set, but it’s a start.

Of course, he’s already banned me from sanding, staining, or pretty having anything to do with restoring it (and this despite the fact that I did all the woodwork in the entire house). But that just means I can keep haunting flea markets for my own project. I’m good with that.



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