like a ton of bricks

It took three years, but we finally gained enough misguided optimism (and money, let’s not forget money) to attempt Phase II. In case you forgot, Phase II involves the kitchen, living area, and full exterior of the house.

I think part of the reason hiring a contractor costs so much is because they order everything. That alone has sucked up months of our time and caused at least one feud with a lumber yard. But on Saturday, we were finally ready to do the second stupidest thing of our lives (the first being to buy this house): Take down a fireplace in 90-degree heat. This behemoth:

Image There are many reasons you should not attempt this yourself, but the chief one is pain. You will be in terrific amounts of pain for 48 hours after you finish, and a fair amount during.

Joe was on chisel duty, hammering out each stone, while my job was to get rid of the debris. That meant carrying the stones out back and stacking them. (We may reuse it, and also, have to be conservative about our Dumspter usage since those things are expensive.)

By the end of the first day, this is what we had (all carried by yours truly):Image

Oh, and did I mention that the entire time we had to wear goggles and OSHA-grade respirators because we don’t know if the fireplace contains asbestos? Yeah.


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