old enemies, and new ones

More demo this weekend. It a constant surprise to me how much there is to rip out of this tiny house. I also forgot about my old, long lost enemy, insulation. The rash-inducing crap that once filled our attic was also pumped behind every exterior wall, so when we remove siding, guess what’s waiting behind it?

Joe and his dad have quite a bit of framing to do, given how terrible the existing boards are. It’s amazing the roof hasn’t caved in. The thing I will never understand is why we were required, by law, to pay for a termite inspection that somehow turned none of this damage up.

But maybe the worst news this weekend was that someone stole my Garmin and about $10 in quarters out of my car Saturday night when I left it parked on the street in front of the house. It’s a little disconcerting to discover thieves in my neighborhood around the same time we’re opening the back of the house like a cartoon can of sardines. Although all they’re really going to find inside is more rubble, and possibly asbestos.

Still, we are taking the precaution of boarding the back up with plywood, which means my kitchen now looks like this:


An improvement, I’d say.



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