a stoop to conquer

This is how things go off the rails. The plan was to start framing this weekend, i.e. building the house instead of tearing more down. But instead we spent all day on this stupid stoop.

First, we had to rent the tool from Home Depot. Then we had to go back and exchange the cutting bit they gave us for one that was slightly sharper than a spoon. Then, cue four. Solid. Hours. of jackhammering.

I gave our only remaining earplugs to Joe and his dad, so Belle and I got the worst of it. She slammed out of her room, complaining that she had just taken “the loudest shower in the history of the world.”

Finally, around dinner time, they managed to get the concrete poured and leveled. And that’s when the cat decided to run through it. I am convinced that cats have an impeccably evil inner clock that tells them the exact moment their actions can cause the most damage, which is why they only puke on the sheets the moment after you’ve washed them.

Anyway, we managed to smooth out the pawprint she left behind. Although it was kind of cute.


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