life, interrupted

You have probably heard that renovations suck, and it’s true. I think I’ve been handling the inconvenience pretty well—rolling with the punches of not having a back door, having my yard turned into scrap heap, having to clean debris from every interior surface daily.

Then you get a day like today, where you go to your orthodontist appointment with half of a dead moth in your hair, and come home from work to clean up cat blood from the hall and bedroom floors and walls.

It’s hard to explain how both were caused by the renovation, but I can try.

The moth is because we have routinely been removing the entire back of the house to work on it, and not boarding it up until after dark. Despite enough citronella candles to choke a person, the bugs have been getting in. Mostly, it’s been mosquitos, leading me to fear I’ll die of malaria before this phase is finished. But how the moth got into my hair after I showered today—and when it died—is still a disgusting mystery.

Boo has also been suffering from bug bites. Her poor ears are a mess. Normally, we’d keep her in until they heal, but the lack of walls around here lately has prevented that. Today was the first day we’ve had plywood up and were able to keep her in, so for once, I was expecting to come home from work to a relatively clean house and cute kitty. Instead, she scratched and spattered so much blood around the hall looked like a crime scene.

No one tells you that this might be your life one day.




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